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"Kult of Red Pyramid" returns with a long awaited release,
now including tracks from the new "PRISONERS" era.
As opposed to the previous double release "BROKEN MIRROR", the materials on this album are much more diverse in style and execution, flirting with (sometimes) trip-hop, EDM, industrial - even alternative rock on the track "PHOENIX" - turning a fine blend of multiple genres and influences into one beautiful whole, proving once again that "Kult of Red Pyramid" is not afraid to explore further.

This is the first fully independent release by the band since 2013.


released April 23, 2016

Written, produced, performed, mixed and mastered by Kult of Red Pyramid.

Pyramid Human - Record Label:



all rights reserved


Kult of Red Pyramid Zagreb, Croatia

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Track Name: Usurper
We control the lights outside
burning bridges , stealing hearts
All that is left behind
is the cold human abstract

Your life... in memory
a slow-aching deep blue sea
now is the right time
to end this illusion

One for
for the inner mind
One for
for the devil's side

Make me come alive
Track Name: The Ether Glitch
The speed of time
became too fast
I wanna stop
and remember
But I know
I can't run away

In time
the ice in your heart will melt
But the yearning will prevail
like an ether glitch

The solemn times
now replaced by fear
I wanna stop
and remember
But I know
that it's much too late
Track Name: Variant Sleep
So close
yet so far
do we have some time left?

I could never
I could never
live like this

Do we have some time left?
turn my sorrow
turn it back

In the "passion of your fears"
that's where your secrets lie
I could never understand it
by looking through the "hunter's eyes"
Track Name: Don't Tear Me Up
Do you sometimes reach for the hollow?
For the things that you don't wanna keep

For the bleeding hands in the dark
to everything that seems so alone
in anticipation, when your days are blue

Don't tell me this
don't tear me up
( again, again )
Don't tell me this
don't tear me up
[ you know that I can't take it ]
Track Name: Slow
I want a room with a view
where the shadows dream
of mortal fears

I've taken off my mask
my illusions so heavily fortified
in the light of the moment

Set my heart straight
in the light of this moment
don't breathe too fast
you might lose what you hold so dear

Now is when
the victims (have) already fled in fear
set my heart straight

I'm gonna bleed out
and let the flame
touch me once again
In the light of the moment
Track Name: Ominous
Broken body
indiscreet decay
everybody's aching...
"Rip apart the pieces"
left inside

In the shadow of the master

The bloody pictures
"the holy grail"
"in god's name"
disappear .. disappear

Broken body
indiscreet decay
everybody's aching
for the call..

We come as one
We are "the nature"
We come as one
The eternal night
Track Name: Serpent's Path
I'm scheming away
through the splinters
of another space and time

A silent remnant
of a vicious life

Do we know?
Do we know what's coming?
Track Name: Clean Hands
In my...
in my veins
There are traces
of silver and gold
Somewhere deep below the curvy scars
right on the surface of my skinny bones

(Ever since) it became too hard to distinguish
the right from wrong
I keep seeing those lights
coming down
Sometimes I believe
sometimes I believe

I believe
(that) I can move
move through walls
Reciting prayers to unseen
vagrant figures

Thank you for the music
thank you for nothing
I'm giving it all away
'cause I'm nothing
but (un)pure?

Thank you for the offerings
thank you for nothing
You've scattered my ashes
long before my time

Am I mentally able?
To finish off what I began
I'm afraid I just don't care anymore
(Ever since) it became too hard...

In my...
in my veins
There are traces
of silver and gold

Those wanderers in the night
unseen, unloved
unseen, unloved
They speak of
the great "untruth"
unseen, unloved
unseen, unloved
Track Name: Prisoners
I told myself
for so many times
and I realize
it (just) seems not right

I know it's not fair

You made me stray
straight from the path
(and) I realized
there's something there

I know it's not fair

It's alright , I am nowhere
nowhere to be found
And I remember , you told me so...
here and now is solid gold

Alone inside
my feelings bursting...
Up to the surface
I must climb

How does it feel?
To finally know
everything in my heart
How do I survive...?
Thinking about you.

You'll be the end of me
Track Name: Dormant Tears
All the virtual make-up
in this world
It cannot make you a lovable
human being

All alone in your mind
with "the rest of the world"
it keeps (on) re-appearing

All the simple words
are in exile
in this contemporary life
Again and again
almost divine

People walk out of character
rid of their sensual sides
(and) it's a formidable hunger
a future demise

All alone in your mind
with "the rest of the world"
it keeps (on) re-appearing
like ghosts from time to time

From time to time..

It's a soul prison
the desert wind
a vital flame
a solid reminder
Track Name: Phoenix
There's a caterpillar in my room
it sings, it sings
It's "beneath me to answer"
a silent voice gone cold

You gain your
you gain your flesh just once
It hurts, it hurts
I tear a
I tear a hole in my heart
(and) nothing comes out...

There are fires burning
(and) our faces are full of scars
and it glows, it glows, it glows
I bleed as I reach
for my heart

I try to hold on to myself
On my insides
my shallow love lies

A steel sky
as far to
the naked eye
in the summer

Amidst the
the broken glass
I bleed as I reach
for my heart
Track Name: Undermine
It's a perfect scenery
figures beckoning by the sea
Almost everyone disappears...
Is this a sign of another time?

Are we so close and yet so far?
Only with you I'm alive

It terrifies me so
as we're sailing
on a borrowed course
Is this a sign?
A sign of another time

In this moment
I deify the night divine
I'm a witness
of the missing time

In this moment
I put this savage life behind me
like a shadow on the cross
only dreaming of the rain
Track Name: Spectre
Will you go?
Will you go
(and) find the light
that'll take you home

I have no identity
my falling tears won't make it
through the night

My sanity
my agony
Just get up and leave
there is nothing to see (here)

So much more
so much more
Forever in your footsteps
you are the teacher of a golden sun

So much more
so much more
Forever in your footsteps
a spectre of eternal night
Track Name: Requiem (bonus track)
This path... is red
the trees are whispering
(we're) walking on the knife-edge
I can barely see

I stand in wonder
"into" your face
You're a hungry animal
a hungry animal

We'll bury an angel tonight
with lover's eyes
Bury our innocent hearts
and savage minds

Fresh suicide
I'm never (ever) gonna sleep so fine
like today

(Turn to ashes)
Track Name: In Love With The Devil (bonus track)

Procreate countless hours
choking on the debris

"Swarming through the holes"

(And) everything is fine
slipping out of hand
in exclusive