Broken Mirror (re​-​release)

by Kult of Red Pyramid

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"Broken Mirror" is an essential double album by Kult of Red Pyramid.
It's a must for every fan.

This is the re-release of the original 24bit master recording.

Tracks 1-9

Tracks 10-20 - these are the remastered versions of KORP's earlier tracks from various EPs.

The original release was in April 2014. The tracks 10-20 were only available as a limited edition 2 x CD release.


released April 15, 2017

Produced, performed, mixed and mastered by Kult of Red Pyramid, (c) 2017. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Kult of Red Pyramid Zagreb, Croatia

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Track Name: Everything Was Taken Away From Me
I'm becoming slow
I'm burning like a candle
held (away) too long.

In this endless wait
in this torn down house
I'm laying (me) restless
behind the dirty glass

...and all the world is like
an avalanche of stones.

I'm bringing back the pain
the unbearable blame

(The time) spent in a corporate tomb
with no sun or moon.

Speaking without sound
screaming in the distance
bring me back to life

Track Name: Broken Mirror
I've got a soul
dressed in black
me,myself and I
In-between unwanted feelings...

I've got sun in my eyes
flames in my hands
knives in my back
and questions unanswered

I don't know
of the flickering
and what tears you apart
The devil on your shoulder
and a savior
at the same time

You're dangerous (I feel)
"The more strained you are"
to my eyes ...
Cover up your lies.
Track Name: Burn
This is a concept
of everything you've ever known
It's the beginning of
another time
another place

And it feels like drowning
(just) another sequence in line

Stranded on the edge of life
it's the highest tide
I burn when I hear your name

This is a concept
where you start from the end
And it's a never-ending dream
a losing game

All these never-ending dreams
stranded on the edge of life
I burn when I hear your name
its the highest tide
Track Name: The Wire
You and I
the never-ending story
Two worlds collide
in endless wait
we're burning

Sometimes I dream
that I'm alive
But when I'm waking up
all I can see are the stars

Could you save your honesty?
... and run away?
From this terrible burden
of blame
The terrible burden

On the wire
savage is the control
with hearts of pure gold
Track Name: Salt
All alone ...
in your running shoes
You've disappeared, aching ...
Cut and torn
under gigantic old trees

Beauty swept under
the black soil
Hollow eyes in a life so bleak,
the emptiness divine
In the cold cold earth

I saw you on the shore
with the wind in your hair
I "stripped your shadow naked"
but there was nothing there

All your faith was compromised
and with it, all your anger
Your god has died
and with him, your heart
Track Name: Sovereign
You think I've got the key to heaven
it's just a meaningless cliche
All love is anemic
buried under (the) sands of time

I'm sovereign
but you are incomplete

I'm not your savior

You're falling into the sea
your wings are broken
So many times
we're waving goodbye?
Track Name: Stillborn
The dead keep talking
just kill the lights
and "fall again"
in this stillborn town

In these nights
without rest...

I know
all the colors have died
in my soul
Track Name: Haze
Torn apart by your heresy
(just) close your eyes again
you never wanted this

At the river's edge
they still remember
The power of the mind's eye
and the broken "truth of heaven"

(in the mist of November)

We're still hiding in the dark
waiting for you
In the cold cold haze
waiting for you

You've left us nameless ... unforgiven
It's better to close your eyes now
The earth is sinking
in circles
Our bodies are rising
from the mud
Track Name: Widow
I don't wanna hear
about your big house in Berlin
It's all in your heart
out of your mind

I don't wanna hear
about your influence and family
your all "said and done"

I still hold on ...
onto your promise
in vain

Undo yourself today
bring back the memories
make sure you never
come back
and see this light again

Its a widow's pain
on this new year's day
only the lust for blood remains
Track Name: Somebody Did Something To My Child
Across the street ...
lights are on
Can you find the way?
(Your eyes are sore)

What do you need?
Something to ignore
Someone to give up
once more

All those falling stars
"the outside" is beautiful
And I know it seems
this life is not your own

I know you're hurt
there's no excuse
for all the violence
What do you need?
I can give you it all ...

Someone to ignore
Someone to give up

This life is not your own
Track Name: Epic
It all feels the same
when you think about it
And you say it doesn't mean ...
it's too late
I always know when the storm is coming

And if you leave these arms
how far are you willing to go?
How much more can you take, within ?

I'm standing still, in the cold rain.
In the cold rain ...

Save your precious memories ...
"underneath your bed"
Give away your reason

'cause nobody cares

You cannot be saved
Track Name: Black Lotus And Heavy Rain
I know what you want
I know what the silence is saying
We come and go
decisions are "made unknown"

An empty feeling
all over this town
how it "puts you down"

I see what you've done ...
and everything will be fine
My life is beyond "that line"
every day I find another reason to die
Track Name: Angel Blood
Here I go again
another step closer
to "the underground"
My hands feel so heavy
my days are "losing numbers"

Got something for me?
More bad news?
Got something to hold onto to?

Here there are no colors
concrete mirrors all around
Dreams washed away "like sand"
The walls are closing in
(it's) impossible to breathe

Don't wanna hear
don't wanna know
Track Name: Monster
You will obey
down on your knees
All hope is gone
god is in the wires
Nothing straightforward
way out of line
"head over heels"
with different design

Replace yourself

You'll see the world
an empty shell
Your true self
what you've become
You've never dreamed
trapped inside
a limbo state
wasted all hope "on today"


It's everlasting disappointment
I'm your everlasting disappointment

Replace yourself

You will obey
down on your knees
My life, co-existing with the circuits
a warm place
where god
god is in the wires

God is in the wires
not in the rain
Track Name: Lure (version 2014)
This is too complicated for you
there is no way you could comprehend (it)
I'm not simple
I can't help you out

You wouldn't want me to anyway
so let's "part our ways"
Go ahead to those vivid colors

I wanted you to abuse me
and I was denied
I wanted you to like me
and failed every time

Is it the way I talk?
The way I hide my face?
The limitations are yours.

Now you're coming back again
you're "walking right through me"
never looking back
never looking back

You could never understand
these words, these places
Go ahead to those vivid colors

I stopped trying to indulge you
never looking back
never looking back
Track Name: Here Comes The Tide
Behind the clouds ...
Track Name: Now
You know everything
in my heart
You want it all
so just take it

You wanted "that side" of me

" Now "
when every part of you dies
and the illusion you felt
is now long gone
Track Name: Your Night (version)
Your world is full of life
it's a big blue sea
We celebrate the night
of your "release"

And all of a sudden
it's like we're living in a dream
"Break" all the "signs" now
that don't mean a thing

All your love
still sleeping
inside of me